A Farewell to Finca Fruicion

By Nathan Page

We have been volunteering at a new farm called Finca Paraiso for the past two weeks but this update will be regarding our projects at the last farm, Finca Fruicion, and our “vacation” to Montezuma.

As far as projects go, we all left feeling satisfied with some kind of closure. Gerard and I finished up reinforcing the bunkhouse structure we were building, and poured an “earthen floor.”  The floor took much longer than we thought, but was a fun learning experience for us both. It consisted of simply clay and gravel- materials that were readily available on site.   We combined them with a small cement mixer and poured the mixture onto the leveled, compacted floor.  It was an interesting project that took about a week to complete!

Nathan leveling the earthen floor in the bunkhouse.

Nathan leveling the earthen floor in the bunkhouse.

While Gerard and I were playing in the mud, Brett was busy finishing her reorganization of the annual vegetable garden and painting a beautiful mural.  The mural was a labor of love, and the labor was well worth it! The mural is a tribute to the colors and natural beauty of the area, to be enjoyed even in the rainy season!

Brett working on her mystical mural.

Brett working on her mystical mural.

The completed mural and la artista!

The completed mural and “la artista”, coupled with Diane’s newly planted atrium!

Diane finished her landscaping of the atrium full of ferns and succulents! It complements Brett’s mural and brings a soothing green aura to the room. She also worked with farm intern Markus from Canada to made a trellis for one of her favorite things: Winged beans. If you haven’t heard about them, ask her and I’m sure you will get several articles and a multi-paragraphed reply.

Diane's composting toilet currents and Brett's handy vacancy sign.

The composting toilet  with Diane’s weighted curtains and Brett’s handy vacancy sign.

Diane and Marcus in front of their completed Winged Bean Trellis!

Diane & Marcus in front of completed winged bean trellis!

On our last weekend, the Finca hosted an absolutely beautiful wedding for two of our good friends, Julio and Vyola. Diane and I were honored to handcraft the cake using nothing but quality, real ingredients. Brett’s help with the wedding sculptures and decorative frosting culminated to create what many said was the best cake they had ever had.

The "family" sitting around one of the many communal meals.

The “family” sitting around one of many communal meals.

Vyola and Julio's wedding cake! Made with love.

Vyola and Julio’s wedding cake! Made with love.

We decided to treat ourselves to a brief beachside vacation to the quirky town of Montezuma, on the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Follow our travels from Finca Fruicion over to Moctazuma and the Tambor in the Nicoya Peninsula.

From Finca Fruicion over to Montezuma and Tambor in the Nicoya Peninsula.

 Here we indulged in fresh-made onion rolls, fish fillets, and beautiful sunrises, which put on a show every morning.  The pace was relaxed, the days were warm, and it provided us with much-needed time to relax.

Brett and Nathan at the Beach!

Brett and Nathan at the Beach!

A colorful Moctazuma sunrise.

A colorful Montezuma sunrise.

Stay tuned for more photos and an update from Brett regarding our current location near Tambor (which my mother informed me is one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world…)

Hasta Luego!